About EASTWEST Studios

Doug Rogers portrait


With over 30 years experience in the audio industry, EastWest founder and producer Doug Rogers is the recipient of over 60 international awards, more than any other sound developer. His uncompromising approach to quality, and innovative ideas have enabled EastWest to lead the software instruments business for more than 23 years. "The Art of Digital Music" named him one of "56 Visionary Artists & Insiders" in the book of the same name.

He released the very first commercial Drum Samples CD in 1988, and followed it with the multiple award-winning "Bob Clearmountain Drums" sample collection which he co-produced with Clearmountain. In the years that followed he practically reinvented the sounds industry. EastWest introduced loop sample libraries to the market in the early nineties, followed closely by the first midi driven loops collection (Dance/Industrial). He released the first samplelibrary to include multiple dynamics, followed by the first sample library to stream from hard disk, an innovation that led to the detailed collections users expect today.

Recent productions include Symphonic Orchestra (awarded a Keyboard Magazine "Key Buy Award," EQ Magazine "Exceptional Quality Award," Computer Music Magazine "Performance Award," G.A.N.G. [Game Audio Network Guild] "Best Sound Library Award", and Sound On Sound Magazine 2010 "Readers Choice Award"; and Symphonic Choirs (awarded Electronic Musician "2006 Editor's Choice Award"), G.A.N.G. "Best Sound Library Award," and Keyboard Magazine "Key Buy Award"). Most recently, his productions have included Quantum Leap Pianos, the most detailed virtual piano collection ever produced; Fab Four (2008 "M.I.P.A. Award" winner) inspired by the sounds of the Beatles; The Dark Side (2011 "M.I.P.A. Award" winner); both judged by 100 international music magazines, plus Hollywood Strings and Hollywood Brass. Hollywood Strings was awarded Electronic Musician "2011 Editor's Choice Award" and Hollywood Brass was released in August 2011.

For more than a decade he has partnered with producer/composer Nick Phoenix and set up the Quantum Leap imprint, a subsidiary of EastWest, to produce high-quality, no-compromise virtual (software) instruments. EastWest/Quantum Leap virtual instruments are considered the best available, and are in daily use by the who's who of the industry.

In 2006 Rogers purchased the famous Cello (formally United/Western) Studios at 6000 W. Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood and renamed it EASTWEST Studios. The facility houses five recording studios, and is EASTWEST's Hollywood production facility where it's software products are created and marketed. After purchasing the famous studios EASTWEST commissioned an extensive remodel of the non-technical areas by international design superstar PHILIPPE STARCK who virtually reinvented the hotel industry. The famous acoustics of the recording studios were not changed, and remain as designed in the 60s by Bill Putnam.

Rogers and Starck's restoration of the famous recording studios is a model for historic/cultural preservation, as well as providing EASTWEST with the finest recording environment in the world to create it's virtual instruments.

Since reopening in 2009, EASTWEST Studios has emulated the studios previous history with many chart topping international hits.